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Legacy of Atlantis

A Science Fiction Adventure Novel
Kindle Edition and Hardcover Edition
Now Available

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signing events

Great crowd at the launch of the collectors’ edition of Legacy of Atlantis at Eagle Eye books (Eagle Eye Book Shop). For those that were unable to attend that would like to purchase the collectors' edition, please visit Eagle Eye at the address set forth below or order on-line by clicking on the "LEARN MORE" box below. The hardback and Kindle Edition are now available online.

Date: Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023

Time7:00pm - 8:30pm

Location: Eagle Eye Book Shop 

                  2076 N. Decatur Road

                  Decatur, GA 30033-5306


Merlin the Magician, a pipe-smoking sasquatch, God-like Atlanteans and their nemesis, an immortal Lemurian vampire, seek to influence the young heir to Atlantis, Charlie Thomas, as he navigates a new school on the Moon, a new girlfriend and a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact that could wipe out mankind.  Charlie’s discovery of the body of an ancient astronaut on the Moon thrusts him into the middle of a primeval conflict between Atlantis and Lemuria. Together with his girlfriend, Rhea, several other friends, AB, a sasquatch that is a cross between Hagrid and Chewbacca, and his Uncle Merl, Charlie must learn to control the emerging gifts of his Atlantean heritage to defeat a Lemurian attempt to use an ancient Atlantean artifact to decimate and enslave humanity.

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My Story

A lawyer and entrepreneur, John and his wife, Laura, are residents of Atlanta, Georgia.  They have three adult children. An avid reader, John dabbled with writing while in high school at The Lawrenceville School and at the University of Virginia. He published an article on The Strategic Defense Initiative while at the University of Georgia School of Law. He began writing in his free time in the 90s. Longstreet Press published his first novel, Runaway, a technothriller about global warming, in 2001.

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