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The quest for the secrets of Atlantis begins on the Moon.

Uprooted after the disappearance of his parents, Charlie Thomas moves to the Moon to live with his Uncle Merl—only to discover that “Merl” is actually Merlin the Magician . . . and that Charlie is an heir to Atlantis. Reeling, Charlie must adjust to his new environs, make some friends, and connect with Rhea, a girl he really likes.


But it could never be that easy for Charlie.


On a field trip to the Lunar surface, Charlie, Rhea, and his new best friend, Jamie, uncover the body of an ancient Atlantean astronaut. And when agents from the lost land of Lemuria discover who Charlie is, he is forced to flee the Moon.


The chase takes Charlie and Merl back to Earth. There, an attack on their ship leaves Charlie alone in an old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest. Lost and not sure what to do, Charlie is rescued by AB, a pipe-smoking sasquatch whose perspective on the world is unlike any Charlie has ever encountered. But Charlie is going to need much more if he is going to fulfill a destiny he has only recently discovered.


Threats are everywhere, but Charlie must learn to control his nascent Atlantean abilities with no time to spare. For he has discovered a Lemurian plan to use an ancient Atlantean artifact to destroy most of the Earth and enslave the remnants of humanity—and Charlie and his team are the only ones with a hope of stopping them.


Bursting with adventure, spirit, and comradery, Legacy of Atlantis is a utterly new take on a legendary tale, a story both timeless and as fresh as today.

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Published in 2001

Global warming, monster hurricanes, skyrocketing oil prices, Arab terrorism and government conspiracies; that’s what Jason Graham must face in order to save himself, his family, his country and the planet.


The Climate Institute ( recently endorsed Runaway, calling it “engrossing” and “brilliantly done” and rating it well ahead of Michael Crichton’s State of Fear and the movie, The Day After Tomorrow.

John Topping has transformed cold scientific possibility into a horrifying and addictively readable Armageddon scenario. Fascinating characters negotiate a maze of ego, power, and bone numbing fear as the earth spins toward a slow, agonizing death.



The apparent suicide of Robert Reid’s girlfriend catapults him from the life of a college student into a cloak and dagger world where his life and the life of the nation become intertwined. From Washington to Utah to Colorado, Robert seeks to avenge the death of his girlfriend and prevent an ultra-conservative cabal from taking control of the reins of government.


"I think the book is great. My main gauge is whether or not I look forward to getting back to it if I'm otherwise occupied. Well, I couldn't wait to continue reading no matter what else I was doing. Fabulous idea and story. Some great characters and I believe your writing is somehow 'crisper' which is a good thing. If there's any justice at all, this will be published and rapidly climb the bestseller lists. It's certainly as good as the tomes put out by Ludlum, Cussler, Clancy, et al. I'd think this would be a sure sale to the Hollywood boys. It's a fantastic read."

-John Hunter, author of "Red Thunder" & "Birthmark"

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